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Andrews Water Heater Replacement 

August 2020

In August 2020 we removed two old Andrews Supaflo R301

water heaters flue assemblies and buffer tank which had

reached the end of their viable lifespan and replaced them

with two new Andrews Ecoflo EC380 water heaters. 

Due to the location and weight of the units we instructed the

manoeuvring of the old units out of the plant room and new

units into the plant room to Zonzini UK stair lifters to ensure

the utmost safety at all times.

Once the new units were in place we rerouted the pipe work

including installing a new secondary circulator as the previous

system had worked from trace heating and installed the new

custom made flue assembly.

Following our works we carried out an internal main disinfection

and water sampling for legionnaires disease.




Full Plant Room Refurbishment

March 2021

It was out with the old and in with the new with this site 

as the whole plant room was overhauled. The Existing

heating plant was isolated, and the Gas supply was de purged.

The existing Hoval boilers and flanges removed from the

plant room and disposed from site by a specialist company

due to asbestos within the boiler flue rope seals and

plant gaskets - we are always careful to work within Health

and Safety guidelines at Hobson Heating LTD. 


Once the plant room was clear we installed three banks

of Hamworthy Wessex 254/508V cascade boilers 

and a bespoke, designed flue assembly. 

We ran new Brugg Casaflex pipe work underground and

DN150 and DN100 welded malleable iron pipe work above

ground which was double coat painted incorporating new Grundfos pressurisation units, expansion vessels, pumps

with separate inverters and blanking plates, Duty point

dosing pots, UK plate heat exchangers, and Calmag Caldensate neutralisers incorporating

stainless steel condensate pipe work. 

Upon completion we air tested the system, balanced the

valves, installed commercial inhibitor, and carried out an

internal main disinfection of the mains water supply and

branch to the newly installed pressurisation unit.

The pipe work was cladded with Phenolic insulation and

pipe jackets (rockwool on the cold water) and all valves and

assets were tagged with pipe ID tags.

Reznor Suspended Heater Replacement

July 2021

In July 2021 we removed an old Powrmatic NV40

suspended heater and flue assembly located within

the sales counter area which had failed. Due to the new

layout and size of the sales counter and open plan office

which was much smaller than the original layout we decided

to relocate the new heater to help reduce noise for both staff

and customers. We supplied and installed a Combat Elite

ducted suspended heater into the stores area and fed the

heat around the building on a split ducted system to feed 

the sales counter and open plan offices as well as providing

background heat to the stores area which had previously had

no heating, in addition we incorporated two new commercial

ceiling fans in sales counter area to help circulate the air

creating even temperature distribution, as well as

potentially reducing energy bills. 

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